• Pevero Golf
    Created in 1972 by Robert Trent Jones following the request of the Aga Khan, this golf course is built around the Pevero Bay.


    Loc. Cala di Volpe, 20
    07021, Sardegna

    Telefono +39 0789 958046
    Contatto email reception@golfclubpevero.com
    Sito web http://peverogolfclub.com

    Orario di apertura

    CADDIE MASTER: 07.30 - 20:00

    LOCKER ROOMS: 07.30 - 20:00

    RECEPTION: 07:30 - 19:30

    Avvio dell'attività

    Creato il 1 gennaio, 1972


    All players must follow this dress code at all times
    The dress attire must be in full harmony with the game of golf
    The use of T-shirts, jeans, athletic apparel, bathing suits and shorts
    above knee length is strictly forbidden
    The use of golf shoes with soft spikes is mandatory
    No outside food or drink are allowed
    Domestic animals are strictly forbidden on all Club premises
    Flip-flops are not permitted in the Club House
    In Club House after 7 p.m. Gentlemen need long trousers
    Handicap is limited to 54. Certificate may be requested
    All threesomes, pairs and individual bookings may be reallocated to
    complete a foursome
    All groups will be required to maintain adequate Pace of Play
    Golf carts are not allowed near the tees or greens
    The use of golf carts is always subject to golf course conditions
    The use of mobile phones is allowed only in silent mode

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